~ Eugene, OR-based Pet and People Portrait Photographer ~

Special Message (November 2021)

In April 2021, I relocated to beautiful Eugene, Oregon.

While I set up shop in my new city, I am currently limiting my photography sessions on weekends and some holidays.

Please contact me, so we can figure out how I can help you with your photography needs.

Covid Precautions

Mandates on mask-wearing continues to evolve.

To make sure all parties involved in the photo shoot feels comfortable and safe, we can talk about Covid precautions during our pre-shoot consultation session.


A photo shoot is an experience and an investment

Let’s face it.

Cameras are everywhere, and it’s now easier than ever to take a picture. But while photos taken on a cell phone may suffice for capturing a snapshot of your current status or what you’re eating for brunch, special moments in your life deserve a little extra attention and investment. If you want a beautiful record of an important day, event, person, or pet, consider hiring a professional photographer for a fun photo shoot experience!

My photo shoot packages have been designed to offer a variety of budgets in mind, so I am positive that you will find a package that will suit your needs. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for in the popular packages listed below, please contact me, so we can come up with a customized photo shoot experience that fits your needs.

- Have you been wanting to update your professional image with an attractive profile picture?

- Are you in need of photos of your employees that look consistent in style?

- Are you celebrating a family milestone—a newborn, a birthday, an engagement, a wedding, a retirement—and want a record of that special life event, so you can share your story to friends and family for years to come?

- Do you have the most adorable companion animal, but you have never been able to take a photo that represents that greatness with your cell phone camera?

Then consider making a small investment and book a photography session with pet and people portrait photographer Kimi Maruyama!


Session lengths can be customized. Contact me, so we can find the perfect session for you!

Popular packages come in 3 categories:




PORTRAIT SESSIONS FOR THE PRINT-SAVVY CUSTOMER are the most budget-friendly and are created for those who want to obtain the image files as fast as possible. These sessions may be for you if you are comfortable handling digital image files like posting them on social media and ordering prints from your favorite printer. Typically, you will receive the digital negatives within 10 days. You will not receive any hard-copy prints as part of these packages. (But, if you change your mind later, I will be happy to help you order prints.)

PORTRAIT SESSIONS WITH CONCIERGE PRINT SERVICE are for customers who prefer the feel of physical photographs over digital images. These sessions do not include delivery of digital negatives, and instead include a concierge service after the photo shoot to help you decide how you would like to display your beautiful new photographs. This personalized concierge service includes setting up your online proof gallery, helping your photo selection process, ordering your print products, quality checking products that arrive from the printer, and re-packaging products for delivery to your home. Digital negatives can be purchased if you later change your mind and would also like the digital negatives.

EVENT SESSIONS are perfect for family and company events and can be customized into any length. Event sessions include delivery of digital negatives. Typically, you will receive the digital negatives within 10 days. You will not receive any hard-copy prints as part of an EVENT SESSION. (But, if you change your mind later, I will be happy to help you order prints.)

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