~ Eugene, OR-based Pet and People Portrait Photographer ~

Special Message (November 2021)

In April 2021, I relocated to beautiful Eugene, Oregon.

While I set up shop in my new city, I am currently limiting my photography sessions on weekends and some holidays.

Please contact me, so we can figure out how I can help you with your photography needs.

Covid Precautions

Mandates on mask-wearing continues to evolve.

To make sure all parties involved in the photo shoot feels comfortable and safe, we can talk about Covid precautions during our pre-shoot consultation session.

Frequently Asked Questions and the Nitty Gritty


purchasing additional digital negatives

After the photo shoot, a private online gallery will be set up for you to view the digital images.

- For PORTRAIT SESSION FOR THE PRINT-SAVVY CUSTOMER or EVENT SESSION, If the number of final photos exceed the set amount for you package, the gallery will first be set up as a proof page, so you can decide which photos you would like to keep. If you would like to increase the number of images, you can purchase extra digital negatives for $30 each.

- For PORTRAIT SESSION WITH CONCIERGE PRINT SERVICE, you can purchase digital negatives for $30 each.  

photo editing

All delivered photos go through a quality check process to correct white balance, color, and exposure, if necessary, to ensure the final image authentically represents what was captured. For extra editing that would require significant usage of a photo editing software (removing the harness, for example), a $10 per image editing fee may be added to the invoice.

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