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about me

Fun facts about me

- I was born in Switzerland

- I was raised in Japan

- In the US, I’ve lived in New Jersey, California, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio, Texas, Washington, and Oregon, but I’m not an army brat

- Before and during college, I worked for a very famous mouse

- If I had to choose, my favorite animal would be the elephant

- I am inspired by photographers such as Joel Sartore, Chris Orwig, and Mihaela Noroc

- I have an adorable cat named Mustang who I found living under a Ford Mustang

Round Mountain

Why Round Mountain Photography?

Do I live on or near a round mountain?

Am I passionate about round mountains?

HINT: The clue resides in my last name, but in a different language! (find the answer below!)



My name is Kimi Maruyama, and I am a pet and people portrait photographer living in Eugene, Oregon. I've lived what some of my friends call a "nomadic life," residing in many cities across the US and in Japan, but I have now retired my cardboard boxes and hand dolly to call the beautiful Pacific Northwest my new home. I currently live in Eugene, but I will travel anywhere for an exciting photo shoot opportunity!


My ultimate goal in a photography session it to capture an authentic portrayal of each subject while finding the inner essence that makes that person or animal unique. I believe portrait sessions are a collaboration between the photographer and the subject. Knowing about you, your pet, or your occasion as much as possible ahead of time helps me take better pictures and deliver the photos that you are envisioning, so be ready for a Q&A session as part of your pre-photoshoot consultation. I am looking forward to learning about who you are, so I can capture the most beautiful, authentic portraits for you.

Pet Photography

As a pet photographer, it’s probably no surprise that I am a big animal lover. My male-muse Mustang, a Maine Coon rescue, often models for me for a few treats. As an avid animal shelter volunteer, I’ve come across all types of animals from the shy and fearful to the playful and rambunctious. Because shelter animals come with a wide range of personalities and temperaments, it has given me a keen eye for animal body language, and my ability to read non-verbal cues helps me put my non-human clients at ease during my pet photography sessions. Since 2013, when I merged my animal handling expertise with my love of photography to start taking photographs of shelter animals, I have taken photographs of close to a thousand shelter residents in an effort to help them get adopted. I can’t wait to meet your furry (or scaly!) family member soon!

ANSWER to the Round Mountain Question: 

My last name, Maruyama,

means "round mountain" in Japanese!

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